Long wood of Cocobolo roller ball

Long wood of Cocobolo roller ball

Cocobolo Long Wood Pen & Roller Pen Set
Can be sold separately.

Ballpoint pen, the body structure is a unique piece of wood from Cocobolo, a controlled and protected wood species from Central America. The very high quality mechanism is made of a sterling silver & golden titanium alloy.

# P000102
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The Hooded Ballpoint Pen Set is a unique writing instrument that has been carefully crafted in fine wood workshop of La Griffe CYD.

The body and the cap of the pens is the result of a selection of Cocobolo wood, precious wood from Central America, the harvest is controlled and protected. This exceptional wood is mounted on a writing instrument with carefully crafted components, here is a very nice Roller pen. The high quality of the veneers produces a uniform surface with sharp details and allows for exceptional comfort and function.The hand-polished ornaments of these instruments produce a surprising contrast with the darker elements.

A vine leaf motif adorns the ring and staple, while the tip is embellished by a sun-shaped motif. The components are sterling silver with gilt titanium ornaments.

Model of the Instrument: Margaux
System: Roller Ballpoint.
Refill: Schmidt 5888 black, refill available medium, thin and blue.
Fine black writing.
Alloy: Ballpoint Pen, Sterling Silver & Gold Titanium Ornament.
Body: Cocobolo wood  
Finish: 8 coats of friction coated varnish

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