Handmade noble wood pen


All the pens turned and assembled in my workshop are handmade, making them unique writing instruments of great luxury.

You will find beautiful high-quality wooden pens from our forests in Quebec, woodlands around Montreal, but also beautiful turned Amazon rosewood pens, made of ebony wood from Mozambique and different species of exotic wood and precious wood from all over the world.

By perfecting over the years a practice of segmentation of an assortment of small pieces of wood, I create patterns and effects with light, making these writing instruments exclusive and exhilarating.
Wooden pens of all types, for all tastes as well as personnalized pens. Those high quality pens have been gently assembled with stunning  and precious alloy mechanisms; Titanium, Rhodium, Gold, silver and some decorated with Swarovski crystals which make them very refined writing instruments.

It is an ideal gift idea, to offer a pen, a fountain pen, a graphic designer pencil, is to offer the perfect gift a brand creation for a loved one or for oneself.



Wooden pens for gentlemen, wooden pens for ladies, personalized pens, these high quality pens are carefully assembled with magnificent mechanisms of precious alloys, Titanium, Rhodium, Gold, Silver and some of them adorned with Swarovski crystals which make them very refined writing instruments.

More than a pen to contemplate on the desk, it is a jewel at the fingertips for the greatest pleasure to write whether for a letter, a manuscript, a quotation or a wording. They are admirable writing instruments and very comfortable in hand. The hand seeks the perfect match between the nobility of the wood and the beautiful writing object.

Pencil lead

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