Le Sizain in square burl segmented roller ball

Le Sizain in square burl segmented roller ball

Sizain Ballpoint pen, the body work is an assembly of wood segmented of small pieces of magnifying glass from Amboine and ebony from Mozambique, an elegant luxurious arrangement. The high-quality mechanism with a magnetic closure cap is made of a high-quality chrome alloy.

# P000110
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The segmented ballpoint pen Carreaux de Loupe is an exclusive design handcrafted and carefully crafted in the fine wood workshop of La Griffe CYD.

Each body and pen cap is the result of an assembly of small pieces of precious wood is subsequently segmented so as to create a carefully arranged pattern a closed instrument.  The assembly of small pieces of wood is mounted on a writing instrument, Le Sizain, it has a magnetic cap. This magnetic design of the cap allows you to place it on either end effortlessly. Besides this subtlety, the Sizain has a very decorative style and provides an ease of writing, the top of the cap is chiseled in multiple facets. The finish of this instrument is composed of 24 Cyanoacrylate coats and water-polished which gives it a very resistant and ultra-shiny product. It is mounted on a chrome alloy writing instrument, making it a durable and high-quality writing instrument.

Ballpoint pen Model: Sizain
Magnetic Cap System
Refill: Schmidt 5888 black, refill available medium, thin and blue.
Fine black writing.
Diameter of the body: 13mm.
Alloys: Chrome
Finish: 24 coats of water-polished Cyanoacrylate

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