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You were right mom, I can't manage to do things like others!

As a child, when mom kept me at home because of bad weather or my (so-called) bad moves….

I took refuge in the basement of the house, standing on a small bench in front of a workbench. I was playing with the old planes and the old varlopes of my grandfather. I grabbed a piece of wood destined for the fireplace, I stuck it in the vice and executed myself. I liked the sound of the cutting edge of the tool, I admired the pretty wooden ribbons that came out of the tool, the smell of freshly cut wood and the wonderful patterns of the wood grain that changed as I profiled it. It soothed me and isolated me in an imaginary world full of possibilities: "gun, rifle, soap box, bow, arrows etc."

Another place where my imagination liked to land was in the layout of spaces. All kinds of space! The space of dressing rooms during long shopping sessions with mom for example. Elsewhere too, the underside of a gallery walled by firewood, wardrobe bottoms and of course the hut constructions whether in the trees, in the undergrowth, in the snow banks and I forget some.

Over the years, I have worked in wood under various disciplines. Obviously, where I stood out was undoubtedly in the development of integrated furniture intended for all kinds of living spaces.

In recent years, I have returned to my little pieces of wood. Almost 50 years later, I set aside my planes to make room for the wood lathe. When I turn the wood, I become that child again, amazed by the matter, the sound of the edge and the wonderful patterns.

Research, development of ways of doing things and the arrangement of exceptional wood species to name a few.

Amalgamate several wood species of exceptions. Develop assembly techniques, segmenting different wood species together to make it a unique piece, made entirely by hand as well as providing an exceptional and high-quality product.

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