Margaux en fusion

Margaux en fusion

Le Margaux en fusion hooded ballpoint pen. The work of the body is obtained from a piece of maple burl fused to acrylic. The very high quality mechanism is made of a chrome alloy.

# P000186
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The Margaux en Fusion ballpoint pen is handcrafted in the cabinetmaking workshop of Chrystian Yvon Daigle.

The hand-polished ornaments of these instruments provide a surprising contrast to the darker elements. A vine leaf motif adorns the ring and the clasp, while the end piece is embellished with a motif in the shape of sunrays.

Instrument model: Margaux
System: capped ballpoint pen.
Refill: Schmidt 5888 black, medium, fine and blue refill available.
Fine black writing.
Alloy: Chromium
Body: Burl maple fused to acrylic
Length of closed instrument: 138 mm
Open instrument length: 125 mm in total with tip
Body diameter: 14.5mm
Finish: Friction baked varnish on a hard base. Gloss finish

Delivered in a woven cardboard box with magnetic clasp.

5 year warranty. See terms.

Unique handcrafted piece of wood that contains pieces of stabilized burl cast in a quality acrylic blend that fills the gaps found in the ends of the burl

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