Close end rollerball Triton bocotte wood

Close end rollerball Triton bocotte wood

The close end rollerball of the Triton is a unique minimalist instrument turned entirely by hand with an elegant Bocotte wood the instrument is composed of a gold Chrome and Hardite alloy.

# P000129
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Triton's closed end rollerball is handcrafted as standard and carefully crafted in Chrystian Yvon Daigle's fine woodworkingshop.

Each pen body and cap is the unique result in its kind made from a carefully selected precious wood of Bocotte. The writing instrument is composed of a bold alloy of Chrome and Gold making it an exceptional writing instrument and high-end.

Instrument Model: Triton
System: roller ball pen with cap.
Refill: Schmidt 5888 black, refill available medium, thin and blue.
Fine black writing.
Alloy: Bold Chrome/ Gold
Body: Bocotte.
Finish: 8 coats of varnish coated with friction.

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