Fountain pen long two-tone wood

Fountain pen long two-tone wood

Fountain pen long two-tone wood

The work of the body is an assortment of wood from Bocote and Ebony from Mozambique, controlled and protected wood essence. The very high quality mechanism is made of silver alloy & black titanium.

# P000117
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This fountain pen is a unique design and carefully crafted in the woodworkingshop of Chrystian Yvon Daigle.

The body and the cap of the pens is the result of a selection of Bocote and Ebony wood from Mozambique, precious wood from Central America and Africa, the harvest is controlled and protected. These exceptional woods are mounted on a writing instrument with carefully crafted components, here is a very pretty fountain pen. The high quality of the plated produces a uniform surface with sharp details and allows for exceptional comfort and function.

The hand-polished ornaments of these instruments produce a surprising contrast with the darker elements. A vine leaf motif adorns the ring and staple, while the tip is embellished by a sun-shaped motif. The components are available in silver with decorative elements in black titanium.

The tip of the iridium feather decorated with gold, it is made in Germany.

Instrument Model: Margaux
System: Fountain pump or cartridge.
Refill: Black cartridge, refill cartridge available, in different colors.
Fountain pomp included bottle inks sold separately.
Fine black writing.
Alloy: Silver & Black Titanium Ornament.
Body: Bocote wood and Ebony from Mozambique Diameter of body 9/16''..
Cap: Ebony from Mozambique.
Finish: 8 coats of friction coated varnish

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