Fountain pen blue Abyss the Editor

Fountain pen blue Abyss the Editor

The Fountain Pen Abysse Blue, is the result of a body work is made from a high quality acrylic resin, an elegant and luxurious arrangement. The high-quality mechanism with a cap with a nice engraved pattern is made of a high-quality chrome alloy.

# P000120
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La plume fontaine l'éditeur Bleu Abysse is an artisanal series design carefully crafted in the woodworkshop of Chrystian Yvon Daigle.

The body of the pen is the result of a selection of high-quality acrylic resin giving it pearly effet and a very glossy finish, it is mounted on a writing instrument model The editor, it has a nice engraved cap. The Editor has a contemporary style and provides ease of writing, The finish of this instrument is composed of a water polishing which gives it a very glossy and resistant finish. It is mounted on a chrome alloy writing instrument making it a durable and quality writing instrument ensuring it a very good value.

Pen Template The Editor
System with a cap.
Refill: ink cartridge, refill available medium, fine and blue.
Fine black writing.
Alloys: Chrome
Body diameter: 12.5 mm.
Finish: Water polishing in eight steps.

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