Pheasant Plumage Ballpoint Pen

Pheasant Plumage Ballpoint Pen

L'Allégorie ballpoint pen, the work of the hand-turned body is mounted from pheasant plumage and cast in an artisanal resin which makes it a unique instrument. It is composed of a black Chrome & Titanium alloy and its clip is matched with a nice Swarovski crystal.

# P000121
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The ballpoint l'Allégorie.

This luxurious writing instrument offers incomparable writing comfort, these alloys of Chrome and black titanium make it a very durable pen, you will notice that it comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal. The body was made by an artist from the Saskatshewan region and was designed from a combination of pheasant plumage and cast in a high density resin which gives it very strong properties and makes it a unique piece, It was then meticulously toured in the workshop of La Griffe CYD, the finish by technique of water polishing gives it an ultra-gloss finish.

Twist ball point pen. 
Model: Allégorie
Rotation system 1/4 turn.
Refill: Black Parker, refill available in blue and also in freeze.
Fine black writing.
Alloys: Chrome & Titanium black
Finish: Water polishing provides an ultra-gloss and durable finish.

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