Four-Quarter Contour Ballpoint Pen

Four-Quarter Contour Ballpoint Pen

The Contour twist ballpoint four-Quaters segmented wood.

Ballpoint pen, the body structure is an assembly of four species of segmented wood, silver maple, satin ribbon, amaranth and mahogany. The quality mechanism is made with Chrome plating.

The fractionation of the small pieces of wood has been carefully distributed proportionally in order to obtain a pleasant effect of movement.

# P000106
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The Quatre-Quarts segmented ballpoint pen is handcrafted as standard and carefully crafted in the fine wood workshop of La Griffe CYD.

Each pen body is the result of an assembly of small pieces of precious wood that is later segmented to create a carefully distributed pattern which makes it a unique cabinet work. The assembly of the small pieces of wood is mounted on a Chrome-plated writing instrument which makes it an exceptional writing instrument and quality.

Model of the instrument: Contour
System: 1/2 turn rotating ballpoint pen.
Refill: Parker black, refill available medium, thin and blue.
Fine black writing.
Alloy:  Chome
Body: Segment model Quatre-Quarts composed of silver maple, Rubane Satiné, Amarante and mahogany.
Finish: 8 coats of friction-baked varnish.

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